Are Your Business Payments Safe?

With internal and external threats on the rise, accounting teams have no time to lose in mitigating the risks of payment fraud, safeguarding sensitive banking informaiton, and ensuring the integrity of the accounting system. View this webinar to learn how your company can help your accounts payable team eliminate check writing and state making secure vendor payments today.

Recovering from a Cyber Attack

A cybersecurity incident can deal a crippling blow to your operations and even threaten the future of your business. In this presentation by Ian MacRae, CEO, E-N Computers, Inc., you’ll learn about the tools, procedures, and partnerships that you can put in place now to protect your business from today’s cyber threats.

Income Tax Accounting

Applying the rules in ASC 740 pertaining to valuation allowances and uncertain tax positions often requires significant judgement and can be a source of complexity and controversy within the income tax provision. This webinar provides a refresher on the basic framework and discuss some of the impacts of tax reform.

New Virginia Employment Laws - What You Need to Know!

Presented by Karen Elliott. Topics include:

  • Marijuana and Manufacturing
  • Attendance, performance and health
  • Minimum Wage Increases
  • Employer Risk of Suit
  • Post-COVID-19 Employment Trends
  • Right-to-Work

Building Healthy Spaces

Virginia manufacturers are in the business of creating. Citron Hygiene is in the business of “Building Healthy Spaces” and providing confidence. Learn about hygienic solutions for your facilities and discuss hygiene trends we’re seeing in the marketplace.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Calling all CEOs, COOs, and CFOs! Are you looking to strategically expand the way your data is used to support decisions in your organization? Check out this Lunch ‘n Learn discussion on strategic alignment, integration, and technology adoption.

Root Cause Analysis vs. Shallow Cause Analysis: What's the Difference?

While Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an often-used term, it is ill-defined in the marketplace. Therefore, whatever process people are using to solve problems, they call it ‘RCA.’ Unless we are striving to understand the reasoning behind why good people, make bad decisions…we are not doing holistic, effective RCA.

Manufacturing Content to Generate New Leads and Sales

Check out WebStrategies’ Manufacturing Marketing Resources Page where you can find tons of valuable information related to digital marketing for manufacturers. WebStrategies has several recordings on our 21st Century Techknowledgey Page.

Global Branding & Protecting Your Creative Property

Why manage and protect your global brand? Your brand tells the world who you are.

Check out this our July 20th Lunch ‘n Learn, where Amy Pruett with Williams Mullen discusses steps manufacturers should take to protect their most important assets in the U.S. and beyond.

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