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Vaccines and the Workplace

The public/private partnership between the US government and some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers has resulted in multiple COVID-19 vaccinations, each showing tremendous effectiveness in early clinical trials. Now, with vaccine distribution plans being developed and rolling out, questions arise around the employer’s responsibilities when it comes to encouraging, or even mandating, employee vaccination.

Getting Back to Work Using UVC Light to Kill SARS-CoV-2

In the battle against COVID-19 every tool needs to be used. During this informational session, learn about the limitations of disinfecting solutions and the power of UVC as a disinfectant when used properly to kill SARS-CoV-2. LiteSheet’s patent pending UVC Cabinet is proven to kill SARS-CoV-2, safely, with 100% confidence.

Virginia Emergency Temporary COVID-19 Standard Lunch 'n Learn

On 7/15/20 the Virginia Safety & Health Codes Board adopted the first Emergency Workplace COVID-19 Standards in the US. The final version is available here.


Courtney Malveaux, Esq., Jackson Lewis LLC, member of the Virginia Safety & Health Codes Board and former Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor & Industry, gave a special presentation to review the standards and answer member questions.

CrowdBlink Protect

VMA partnered with CrowdBlink to bring members CrowdBlink Protect at a significantly reduced price. CrowdBlink Protect is a COVID-19 screening application that companies can quickly deploy at their business to conduct assessments and temperature readings.

How to Nurture Your Business After COVID-19

This webinar, hosted with Bankers Insurance, explains how to cultivate HR policy in accordance with state/federal law, industry safety requirements, and CDC guidelines. It also describes how to ensure valued employees remain a top priority while demonstrating commitment to your business culture.

Evalating Key Risks as You Plan for Our New Normal

Warren Whitney’s Richard Kannan and David Nelms discuss how to evaluate all parts of your business while adjusting the our new normal caused by COVID-19. We don’t want to just survive – we want to thrive!

Check out a bonus resource on Managing Cash Flow in Times of Crisis, as well!

June 2020: COVID-19 Update for Manufacturers

View a COVID-19 Strategy Webinar from WebStrategies, an Associate specializing in digital marketing and communications.

WebStrategies also has featured webinars on our Marketing & Digital Communications Webinar Page.

Managing Your Workforce NOW!

Warren Whitney’s Beth Williams & Kevin Grey discuss managing a workforce in the COVID-19 era as part of their online leadership networking series.

Warren Whitney also has webinars available in the Workforce Solutions library.

Coronavirus: Reducing Risk in the Workplace

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting organizations around the world, it’s more important than ever to be equipped with the latest information to protect your workforce as well as reduce the risk of exposure and further spreading the potentially deadly illness. DuPont Sustainable Solutions will provide you with the tools and information you need to prepare for and respond to the pandemic in the workplace.

Manufacturing COVID-19 Stategy Webinar

View a COVID-19 Strategy Webinar from WebStrategies, an Associate specializing in digital marketing and communications.

WebStrategies also has featured webinars on our Marketing & Digital Communications Webinar Page.

Weekly All-Member Updates

Brett Vassey (President & CEO, VMA) and Jamie Baisden (VMA Chairman; President, QMT Associates, Inc.) presented VMA's priorities and planned response to the crisis.

Cassidy Rasnick, Deputy Secretary of Commerce & Trade for Rural Economic Development, answered questions from the membership regarding possible supply chain disruptions.

Aaron Miller from VA Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), explained SBA funding. Roger Whyte (CEO, LiteSheet Solutions) discussed Project Shining Light (UV-C Sanitation).

Courtney M. Malveaux (Partner, Jackson Lewis LLC) discussed OSHA/VOSH Enforcement & Best Practices in the COVID-19 Era. Jay Withrow from VDOLI discussed the Families First Coronavirus Act (FFCRA) Exemptions and Workplace Guidance.

Courtney M. Malveaux (Partner, Jackson Lewis LLC) joined VMA again to discuss part two of OSHA/VOSH COVID-19 Compliance. Adam Monk (President, McClung Companies) called in to discuss the PPE Sourcing Center.

Richard Kannan (Finance + Accounting Director, Warren Whitney) presented "Managing Cash Flow in Crisis Situations" to help VMA members manage their finances while facing potential production decreases or supply chain interruptions.

Dr. Stephen Bishop (PartnerMD) joined the membership to present "How to Reopen Your Business as Safely as Possible During COVID-19 and answer some pressing questions related to the virus. This webinar contains great discussion from our members.

Brett Vassey (President & CEO, VMA) presented the MFGmakesVASafer Back to Work Plan, outlining safe reopening recommendations. Adam Monk (President, McClung Companies) presented PPE Sourcing Center 2.0, a place for direct PPE purchasing.

David F. Dabbs (Senior Counsel, Spotts Fain) discussed liability issues. Brett Vassey (President & CEO, VMA) also presented the first draft of the MFGmakesVASafer Pledge, the next step in showing Virginia's manufacturers' seriousness in keeping the state safe.

Dr. Chris Ghaemmaghami (VDH COVID-19 Containment Program Co-lead) gave a VMA-specific presentation on COVID-19 contact tracing for employers. Then The EI Group, a new VMA Associate Member followed up with an explanation of their drive-thru COVID-19 testing services.

This final installment of the Weekly COVID-19 All-Member Update featured discussion on OSHA's Business Reopening Kit, the Virginia Hand Sanitizer Consortium, VDH Testing Sites, and the revised Phase 2 Manufacturing Makes Virginia Safer Pledge.

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